Oku Cultural Annual Festival Tour 2011
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November 1 - 9, 2011



ekeeping and honey harvesting is an old economic activity in Oku and begun with the origin of Oku in The North West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. In the Kilum Mountain (3011) second height in West Africa and also the Kilum Rain Forest, Bees are adapted to the plants and animals, with favorable climate and vegetation for honey production.

About 1000 farmers are involved in bee farming in Oku. Honey is being produced in great quantity, quality and natural. Our apiaries are strategically placed in areas with varying bee loving trees, plants and flowers. Two species of natural Honey is being produced – The white Honey which is produced at an altitude of 2800 to 3011m above sea level, and the Brown Honey that which is produced at the foot of Mount Kilum at an altitude of 2800 and below.

Oku Honey has proven it worth worldwide. It is natural and organic. It has a high mineral and vitamin content which help to keep the body healthy. It helps in treating certain ailments and heals burns. It is very nutritive and a better alternative to sugar.
Our by-products are Honey drink, candles, Vaseline, and polish produced from the honey wax.

WONTSERDEV CIG deals with a collection of farmers products in Oku sub Division, Bui Division of the North West Region in Cameroon. We helps in bringing farmers together for common goal of processing, advertising and marketing of the products, there by fighting poverty out of our community and the conservation of our Natural Environment and resources.
We engages in better methods of bee farming and sensitization while encouraging many to engage in such an economic activity thereby improving their standard of living. Come to Oku experience bee farming and Honey production with WONTSERDEV CIG.
We also deal with artifacts, woven products, wood carving and traditional designs. Come to Oku and learn more. Be a partner to WONTSERDEV CIG in Marketing and Tours. Volunteers and researchers are welcome at any period of the year.

Our Honey: For vitality and health. Good for baked products, confectionary, jams, candy, marmalades, spreads, breakfast cereals, and beverages.

We organize tours into all the regions of Cameroon -  guided excursions, eco tours, jungle walks, mountain expeditions, cultural tours, nautical tours etc at all times and or any program of yours.


We open up the opportunities for volunteers coming to Africa, those willing to learn traditional bee keeping in Africa, researchers in culture and tradition, nature and environment, food and people, fauna and flora and also end of year students willing to do their thesis in Cameroon. A lot of natural sites, waterfalls, mountains, caves, shrine, traditional healers etc.


We equally aid in visa procurement and reservations.

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Together let’s conserve our natural resources, environment, fauna and flora.


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