Oku Cultural Annual Festival Tour 2011
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November 1 - 9, 2011


Oku Village

About Oku Village.oku-1
Oku is an outstanding tourism destination in Cameroon in which all forms of tourism can be practiced. It is remarkable for its natural endowments, which include the crater lake and its myth of creation, Mount Kilum, surrounding rain forest with endemic species of plants, trees and birds suitable for birds watchers, as well as numerous caves and water falls. In addition, Oku is home to the Fon’s Palace; numerous shrines, museums, craft centers and traditional healers; industries including craft paper, honey and coffee, and colorful traditions including dancing, custom culture and carving. If Cameroon is Africa in miniature, then Oku is truly the melting pot of Cameroonian tourism.

The land surface of Oku is approximately 800 square kilometers. The population roughly 130,000 inhabitants, who are settled on about 500 square kilometers of both high and low lands, 300 km2 of which is made up of mountainous forest perpetuated by parches of grassland, rich in bird life, fauna and flora. The peak of this zone is Mount Kilum (Mount Oku) at an elevation of 3,011 meters above sea level; it is the second highest peak in West Africa after Mount Cameroon. Lake Oku, a magnificent crater lake of 10.000 m2 is also a worthy tourist attraction. For lovers of history and folklore, there is a great myth of superstition and the supernatural surrounding its origin.

Oku is an outstanding tribe in the Cameroonian Government. Both the present Prime Minister, Yang Philemon, and the Governor of Litoral Region, Fai Yongo Francise are sons of Oku Fondom ( villages in the North West Region ruled by  traditional authorities call   Fons) The Oku Fondom is found in Oku Sub Division in Bui Division of the North West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. The headquarter of the Fondom is Elak, which is the seat of the Fon (traditional authority) and the Administration.

All tourism activities in Oku are controlled by the Oku Tourism Board based in the Fon’s Palace.

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