Oku Cultural Annual Festival Tour 2011
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November 1 - 9, 2011



Oku hosts a series of factories engaged in primary production, including:

  • 1 Oku Area Cooperative Union Ltd. for the production and processing of Arabica coffee
  • 2 Oku Honey Cooperation
  • 3 Oku Craft Paper Industry
  • 4 Cow Firm
  • 5 Wood Carving Shrines


Apiculture or bee farming is an old economic activity dating back to the origins of Oku. In the Kilum Mountain Forest, bees are adapted to plants. Conditions such as climate, vegetation, social traditions and economics favor bee keeping in Oku. As such, honey is being produced in Oku in great quantity. There are many small factories along side WONTSERDEV CIG and Oku Honey Cooperation, such as Establishment Samy Samy, Ngang and Sons Enterprise, which collect honey from farmers for primary processing. The peak season for honey production in Oku is in the month of May. Two varieties of honey are produced in Oku: white honey, which is harvested at an altitude of 2,000 - 3,011 meters; and brown honey, harvested at an altitude below 2,000 meters. Honey is harvested from natural bee hives. About 1,000 farmers are involved in bee farming in Oku.


Oku honey has proven its worth worldwide. It has medicinal properties, and is used in curing chronic cough, sore throats, burns, stomach complications, gastric disorders, malaria and other ailments. The honey is very nutritive, rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, Vitamin C, copper, zinc sweet and a best alternative to sugar for diabetic patients. There is also honey wine, which is very rich in taste and color.


By-products of the bee keeping industry include polishes, Vaseline, candles and wax. Come to Oku to learn about bee farming and honey production, be a member and partner to WONTSER CIG. Contact us at woneteehcig@yahoo.com

 Additional agricultural activities in Oku include farming, cattle rearing and goat rearing.



Many farmer associations have formed around the coffee industry in Oku. The principal actor is the Oku Area Cooperative Union Ltd (OACU), a union of seven cooperative produce marketing societies with over 3,000 farmer members. The union is registered with the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, under the Department of Cooperatives and Common Initiative groups (Registration No; NW/UC/07/96/1335). It main activity is the collection of member produce (washed Arabica Coffee) and processing it into beans suitable for the international market, commercialized through the apex organization, the North West Cooperative Association (NWCA). Annual production is 600 tons of washed Arabica.


The coffee season stretches from January to June.  What is unique about Oku Arabica Coffee is that it is grown at an altitude above 2,800 meters on the slopes of the Kilum Mountain under kola nut trees. The aroma derived from the cup is unique. OACU and the NWCA are currently seeking partners in the areas of marketing and the financing.


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