Oku Cultural Annual Festival Tour 2011
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November 1 - 9, 2011



Formerly, there existed an annual “Ndong” traditional dance during which the entire population converged at the Fon’s palace to enjoy exciting xylophone music. Nowadays, because of development pursuits, the Oku Cultural and Development Association (OCDA) organizes an annual fundraising cultural week that brings all sons and daughters of the Oku Fondom, both at home and abroad, to participate in manifestations of traditional dynamism. During this week, all attractive and dreadful jujus (masquerade dancers) emerge to expose their mystical prowess. There is equally an impressive exposition of craft work where wood carving, woven products, traditional models, designs and other art forms are displayed.

 Traditional medicine science is practiced by traditional healers for treatment, many soothsayers, sorcerers, magic and native doctors to predict the out come of events and circumstances during this week.


This annual cultural week in Oku comes every November. Be a partner to this year’s annual festival in Oku.


Other festivals always take place during the planting season (March to May) and harvesting season (September to November). Memorial funeral celebrations and traditional weddings are also integral to the festival culture of Oku. Traditional music and displays characterize these occasions, which come up periodically in the palace for the royal family, and elsewhere for other families in the clan.

Traditional music is played on instruments such as wooden and iron gongs, xylophones, wooden drums and local trumpets, to name but a few. The melody and dance is something to experience!


The Oku subdivision also partakes in national festivals. There is the National Youth Day celebration every 11th of February, National Unity Day, celebrating the unification of Anglophone and Francophone Cameroon every 20th of May and International Women’s Day every 08th of March.  These celebrations are characterized by colorful traditional dances, choral music, food and expositions.



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