Oku Cultural Annual Festival Tour 2011
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November 1 - 9, 2011


About Cameroon

If a list of possible tourist-attracting African countries had to be established, Cameroon would feature among the best. With a population of about 19.4 million inhabitants and 250 ethnic groups speaking approximately 200 languages, Cameroon has a rich tapestry of indigenous cultures that travelers will like to see. It is rich in floral, fauna, human and natural resources, as well as mountains and beautiful landscapes.

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These effectively portray Cameroon as Africa in miniature. Cameroon harbors well know national parks including Waza, Benoue, Bouba Ndjida, Campo Maan, and Korup; with many endemic plants and animal and birds species. Couple with scenic green mountains, spectacular water falls, and beautiful palm-fringed beaches, Cameroon offer a peaceful and calm political atmosphere that welcomes all forms of tourist.

A country with multiple facets and a total surface area of 475,442 km2, Cameroon is comprised of 10 regions, 58 division, 275 subdivisions and 53 districts. Official languages are English and French. The national currency is Franc CFA and its political capital is Yaoundé, while its economic capital is Douala. Its flag is green, red, yellow, a golden star on the red band. The national motto is Peace, Work, Fatherland.

Situated at the end of the Gulf of Guinea, Cameroon is triangular in shape; it stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Chad. Neighboring countries are Nigeria to the west and North West, Chad to the north and north east, Central Africa Republic to the east, Republic of Congo to the south east and Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the south.

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